4 Step Digital Marketing Process

Impact Analysis

Define your business’ overall mission/objective first – your digital marketing mission must fit into your grand plan.

Customer Reachout

You’re going to put your audience at the heart of your digital marketing strategy, cater to their emotional needs and satisfy their desires.

Customer Collaboration

Review your current digital marketing channels and decide which channels to keep & whether you’d like to invest in any new ones.

Customer's Loyalty

Continuously measuring and monitoring the performance of your digital marketing strategy and to make changes to maintain customer loyalty.
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Our Digital Marketing Formula
For Manufacturing.

  1. Create a basic fundamental measuring model and planning (this because manufacturing is new to digital so it needs to be experimental with your KPIs).
  2. Monitoring the success of each element of your digital marketing strategy at consistent levels and periodic intervals.
  3. You may notice, it could be slower than expected. If something is not working (i.e. you’re not achieving the KPIs you’ve set out) we cut out some elements pause and try to identify what is not working (e.g. google ads may give fewer leads but higher in quality. We leverage it with a higher budget and focus on CPA with content management).
  4. Re-monitoring your previous analysis, personas and budget allocation and try something new.
  5. Create a clearly defined KPI for your manufacturing business.
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