Simplified Digital Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers

It is an evolution in manufacturing companies to think of digital marketing as an initiative to generate leads. As an experienced digital marketing agency in Mumbai, having done digital marketing for several manufacturing companies, we have narrowed down what works best for you to generate more leads and get more out of those leads.

A strategy designed for Manufacturers:

Before we talk about lead generation and growing your business, we advise you to retune or revamping the website. The website that was running a few years ago does not work on the internet. They deliver perishable results. So that’s the first thing we act on. Yes, we are building a solid foundation for you. We have more than 20+ years of experience in Website Development and we put all those experience on the table to make it more user-interactive, user-friendly and responsive to multiple platforms. And of course, SEO-friendly.

Schematics of Google-friendly Website:-

  • Products and Services including pictures and videos.
  • About your Your history, mission, vision and differentiators (unique skills, technology, etc.)
  • Team – highlight key management and employees
  • Short Contact forms
  • Easy to find phone numbers, Call-to-action in its place.
  • Blogs – to solve problems faced by your audience or sharing of success stories
  • Meta Tags, that’s for your SEO
  • Google Pay-Per-Click Ads Effective for Manufacturers to generate leads and your SEO.

Search or Pay Per Click Ads

As we are aware of search ads that appear on top google search results page. This area of a search engine is high potential space and so it is said one of the best turfs on the internet to generate leads. If you are able to identify the best keywords for your business that are searched by your prospective customers, for equipment or products you manufacture and have an attractive communication for ads and also on a landing page, you have a conversion!

So as the digital marketing agency for manufacturing, it is an important task to run a results-oriented Google Ad campaign and the website landing page you are sending them to sync to each other and to the searchers intent.

To enhance and have optimised results, have separate ad groups for each product or equipment line you want to market. Begin your campaign with one or two groups, monitor their performance and then add additional products. You may find very common keywords, but try using keyword planner to identify unique keywords for your equipment.

Let’s take an example from our case-study: For example, you could have an air operated diaphragm pump ad group, and within that group have keywords specific to types of body, size, flow-rate, air valve types…etc

Pro-tip: Since most digital marketing campaigns of manufacturers leverage their campaign strategy across the country, you may pick specific states or regions to start testing your campaigns before you show your ads in more states.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are ads that are shown to people after they’ve visited your website/landing page. It can remind them of their previous visit to your website and add your product recall value.

You can also segment your remarketing ads strategy to show ads to specific audiences that qualify the criteria of your prospective customers.

Display Ads

If you are looking for advanced and extreme promotions leveraging the high level of lead-generations then, this type of ad can generate new traffic to your website and bring back visitors who may have viewed the particular product on your website recently. Display Ads are the extension to Search Ads and can be made attractive with the combinations of Images and Texts.

Content makes us Crazy!!!

As a Digital marketing agency for manufacturing companies, we focus on to invest most of our time in developing a solid content strategy and writing amazing and attractive customer-focused content on a consistent basis.

When we talk about consistency, we mean at least two blog posts per month at the minimum level. We recently read The Content Marketing Institute’s Report – “Manufacturing Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America” which highlights various statistics on how manufacturers have habituated to generate more traffic to their websites and ultimately more leads. Close to 70% of marketers say their content marketing is at least moderately successful, including 11% saying it’s extremely successful. Read the entire report here. 

As an agency, we love clients to share our piece of advice on some solid, proven content marketing material to include on website pages and/or blog posts:

  • Case Studies
  • E-Books & White Papers
  • Videos
  • Professionally shot product & equipment images
  • Detailed product specifications

We say it to our children ‘Sharing is Caring’. It is also applicable to us. Sharing of information is caring for your website. It is always better to share the information on your social media. However, if you want to get more of your target market to see the social posts, set aside about Rs. 1500/month for boosting posts on Facebook, for example. Organic views have dropped drastically on social media platforms, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a great deal to see good results when you pay to increase post visibility.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation for Manufacturers

In the era of globalisation, manufacturing companies in India adopted a habit of sending emails to customers and prospects. Email is still one of the most popular and highly effective practice to reach your target audience and keep your customers informed and updated about your products and your corporate vision.

Email marketing can drive a short survey form for you. Many manufacturing companies participate in trade shows and drive footfalls at the venue. To collaborate a communication with those contacts you meet, email marketing Is flawless tool to follow-up with them consistently. According to the Content Marketing Institute, email marketing is the number one way manufacturers distribute content.

How to Meet Your Manufacturing Marketing Goals?

Enroute Digital has taken efforts to study on the most effective manufacturer’s marketing strategies to attract new leads, and retain and drive sales more to existing customers digitally following a concept of CLV* (*Customer lifetime value, applicable in the manufacturing industry)

There is no thumb rule to start pushing everything at a time. For a Digital Marketing, manufacturing is in the incubation period. So we need to open up really slow to try out things that work for you. When you feel and are comfortable seeing smaller results, you can put full force into action with a widened marketing budget to do them consistently and with high quality. Whatever digital strategy you adopt from the spool, follow one objective to provide solutions to the problems.

So, to give you all the manufacturers an ending statement from Enroute Digital, remember this important point:-

  1. Search ads can reach your target audience at the time they are in need.
  2. Remarketing & display ads drive low cost on leads which are more target audience specific than search ads.
  3. Content marketing assures your manufacturing company to be authoritative in organic search results and powerful when prospects are researching equipment that meets their requirements.
  4. Email marketing can keep your company’s products or equipment top of mind with buyers and connect with all those great trade show folks you met who showed interest in your company.

To know more or need help to re-tune your marketing strategy, Connect to Enroute Digital to adapt ROI-based approach towards marketing and watch out of tangible results. Visit http://enroutedigital.in for more details or email us at communications@enroutedigital.in 

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