Magical Instagram Story, How it works for you.

Instagram Story can be an aggressive tool in the digital world, but if not, all your energy can go down the drain with a single tap. It takes an Instagram user less than a second to click on your story, which means, if you were not able to grab their attention instantly, all your resources invested in creating it goes for a toss. You need a few tips and tricks from Enroute digital team to be a self-starter with Instagram Stories Channel.

The added advantage of stories on Instagram is a chance of getting an entirely new audience which will boost and leverage your branding which can ultimately improve your business. However, it’s not so easy as you think. You cannot think of doing it randomly, just like uploading any story and running it without any efforts and then expect outstanding results.


Stories are powerful for your business but only if its done in an appropriate way. You cannot repeat it again and again. There is a thin line where every company needs to follow balance for the audience to see it till the end. So let’s see, what is that thin line.


Story ads are said to always on the priority list. As a business profile on Instagram, you can very well initiate and upload stories but ads are the best way to bring stronger followers and leverage your business.

Earlier story ads were meant only for large groups like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or Samsung but now it has made it available for everyone who wants and likes to run. The most important factor for story ads to become popular is that newsfeed and other digital channels have loads of information and that has given side effects of low shelf life. On the other hand, marketers are reluctant to accept story ads as a strategy for digital space, which means more space for you, which also means more audience for you.

Also to add, 1/3rd of the story and comes from businesses, 1 in 5 stories connect direct communication from the visitor. If you are creative in your stories, you have more chances to engage a new audience.


There has always been the importance of call-to-action in the internet world because all these efforts put to build your presence on the Internet is to generate leads for your business. So If you want your audience to actually do something after watching your ad, you must add a call-to-action. Otherwise, you made every effort to entertain your audience but kept them incomplete wondering what to do next.

A call-to-action is supposed to redirect your visitors and tell them what to do next after watching it. That has to be simple and not confusing so that your redirection solves your purpose of acting on it. The communication for your redirection should have a sense of urgency and fear of missing your best of the offer.

Your best offer should be irresistible offer and tempting so that your visitors can easily connect to your offer and execute actions on the same. For accurate actions, you need to have the perfect content strategy that can connect well with your marketing vision.

As one of the most powerful tools, you can use this in your Instagram Story Ads. call-to-action is a must if you want your ads to pay off.


It is always proven that video has been the choice of the audience visually. Before you narrow down the best possible format, there is no single hard and fast rule for your particular idea. There are no boundaries and thumb rule to drive video on Instagram. We ourselves are always in dilemma to choose between carousal or use the simple creative picture. There is no specific bull-eye for successful video ads. As a digital marketer, you have followed A/B testing rule, read articles like you are doing now and make mistakes so that you learn from it and deliver results.

A video makes not be the best at times but at times it’s the best way to go. Videos are engaging and have much more capabilities of impressing your audience. You have the better chance of expressing yourself and build better communication that single picture may not do it for you. Your creativity is enhanced bringing stronger communication with your audience.

Videos don’t work in your favour at times and they can put you in tricky situations. You should always get professional help in deciding on your videos, which can prove successful to your business. Enroute digital is a perfect fit for video ads or video marketing. We have specialised time for live video streaming, which rarely any digital agency is having its expertise.


You may put on every effort to grab someone’s attention through above-mentioned efforts. But if you are visitor makes an effort to interact with you and you are silent, that could be a great blunder you would be doing.

Audience love communication. They are happy if you value their messages on the internet. Respecting their opinions matters. Moreover, you can make use of this information to understand that your followers need. Also know more about their choices of content and also gives their opinions about your brand.

Opinion polls through story ads are the best way to expect actions from your audience. They also feel special and see you’re personally attentive to their communications.

You can usually put them across with Yes-No questions which can help them to answer in the quickest way possible.


Your brand image is created over a lot of discussions and information on the internet. They have accepted you as a follower, and you have an image that is the recognisable feature of your company. They know your brand logo, they know your punchline the drives them crazy. They know your style and they can identify your post when it is out and live. This makes them easy for your ad to connect and collaborate to your story seamlessly in a fraction of a second.

Your Story Ad needs to be perfectly fit your Instagram aesthetics and needs to be in-line to your corporate branding too. You can corporate colours, theme or make a standardised process that drives brand recognition. Your corporate fonts are also important to make you stand out.

Use of creative software like Adobe or Corel may be of great help and will drive better interactivity.

Few final words and advice, all these are collaborative effects to keep your audience engaged by adding fun & interactivity in their lives using the social channel like Instagram. Instagram Story Ads are driven daily, which means that it’s in your hands to put creativity to make things work and add some spice to your communication.

Enroute digital is social in sharing the pieces of research they do by failing and learning with experiences. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright, please write to us and we will take it down. But we follow stringent communication guidelines and our information is original and drafted by our team. To know more about digital marketing & social media write to us at communications@enroutedigital.in

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    Swati Sinha

    Hi There,
    Insta is the platform that I have recently started using and I am still exploring the possibilities it has for my clients. Your article gives answer to quite a few of my questions.
    Thanks for sharing.

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