2019! The year for Digital Marketing in Healthcare.

In 2018, we have seen there has been a paradigm shift in behaviour patterns of visitors on the Internet. We have seen drastic interests towards FMCG, retail, real estate to focus on digital efforts and deliver actionable efforts for better ROI. Even if you’ve outlined your digital marketing strategy for 2018, there’s still time to fine-tune and optimise your yearly marketing plan!

But if I have to see, they are the same audience who can be a part of their health needs and customer to Pharma sector.

So 2019, is estimated to be an evolution year for digital marketing in healthcare and Pharma sector. When documenting an exhaustive plan for marketing the hospital or healthcare on the internet, there are several important factors that we need to consider. The following important factors will help you keep track of the main elements you’ll need to integrate into your strategy.

Healthcare marketing strategy elements:

  • Target Audience: Your audience is basically of 4 types. Cheap, Difficult, Sophisticated and Affirmative audience. It is important to know your best audience and target them with the right content at each stage of their journey. So it is important to create buyers personas for emphasised targeting.
  • Patients History & Analysis: Your patient’s data is the best reference point to associate health with your healthcare facility. You get valuable feedback and also learn on the opinions for previous case history. What was good? What wasn’t? Did the patient recovered and is now healthy. This really acts as a reference point to achieve the goals that have been the mission of your organisation.
  • Competition: There are industry specialists who reflect to be the best within their core skills. for some, they have to face the competition. Researching about your competition is the best method to learn about new opportunities. Perfect SWOT analysis plays a wonderful role in inferencing the results.
  • “Buying Cycle”: When you coordinate within your department to lay a perfect strategy, ensure you take the right steps in selecting your type of target audience. Your patient’s history again plays a valuable role to prospecting and leveraging the leads to a bond connection between you and patients family. This enables an entire family to be associated with you and you multiply your leads from one person to entire family members.
  • Goals and Objectives: Before thinking of executing digital marketing objectives, you must take into account your hospital’s goals, its vision and then figure out how digital marketing can help achieve those goals. After you have defined your goals, this will help you to achieve your objectives.

Healthcare digital marketing plan of execution:

  • Measure: Since your digital marketing is based on the above strategy, what works and what not is a tricky question to answer. So measuring your every move and each step will give a nice path to continue your progressive planning. If you do not find success then in that case you need to think, I guess this time re-think on your strategy.
  • Conversion Rate and Landing Page Optimization: Digital is all about consistency, leveraging and measurement. How did you perform or how have you faired in your campaigns? These questions can be answered with your analytics and landing page performance. There is a scope of constant learning from every move you make in digital marketing.
  • Performance across Devices: It is very important to know your analytics that represent and give results of your campaign performance across multiple devices. Once you have been consistent with your digital marketing for one year, you can think of ideating specific tactics at the device level. This will help to build techniques that can satisfy most of the devices used surfing internet.

Healthcare digital experiences cycle

  • Choice of Digital Channels: It is complete once choice of having what channel will work for your organisation. Using a combination of strategy and channels, it will make us easy for the right people to find you! Assessing your performance and doing a competitive analysis are fun phases in your digital marketing planning, but nailing down tactics and channels is the most vital aspect of the plan.
  • Promotions: We actually don’t say promotions for this industry like healthcare or pharma, but we cannot deny to the fact typically we are actually promoting ourselves to engage your audience with targeted and relevant content. With proper preparation in advance, you will see better successful executions. Our digital campaigns do not focus on lead generation but focus on value addition targeting the cost per impression model.
  • Timeline: ‘Ghadi Milao’ is an important terminology in the Indian Army for timed execution of the plan. If we inherit the same dialogue to marketing, we know when to start, when to continue and when to stop. It is mandatory to have a timeline in mind. you can be flexible, and open-ended to visualise the results.
  • Resources: These Determine which resources will be required to get the plan started. Establishing who is responsible for what will create accountability across teams, which is needed for a successful implementation of the plan and measurement of results.
  • Revisit, Adjust, Adapt: At some point, things will not go according to plan. But don’t beat yourself up over it. The digital marketing strategy for your healthcare organisation is meant to provide a foundation, upon which you will continually learn and grow.

The important thing is to keep it simple, use research and make it easy for people to act. Develop your marketing strategy with the right expectations. Don’t try to boil the ocean. Start with a prioritized plan and focus on consistency and continual improvement.

Still finding it difficult to manage your campaigns as your marketing strategy for the upcoming year  2019. We’ll help you to engineer your digital marketing, we know healthcare, we know you, contact us for more information at communications@enroutedigital.in 

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