ATA Freight


ATA Freight

ATA Freight is a leading freight forwarder in Turkey, USA and India. One day, we got an enquiry from its Mumbai office to attend the meeting for its SEO initiative that was proposed to them by USA branch. We attended this meeting and successfully closed it SEO & Content Marketing. Enroute digital is one of the few SEO strategists who have experience and knowledge that bring us among this leading position in SEO.

We initiated SEO for ATA Freight along with content for India geography and later for USA and Turkey. Being Turkey’s top-ranked logistics provider, for us, it was a challenging task to cope up the entire idea of SEO.

SEO and Content Marketing are two-fold primary strategy to achieve ranking on page 1 of Google search results page. We had formulated 15 keywords that would not only bring audience but also uplifted website technicalities to bring in customer acquisitions.

We are glad that we have ATA Freight onboard with us and we thank them for this wonderful opportunity, as because of that we wouldn’t have experience logistics as our partner in the digital world.

  • October 26, 2018
  • ATA Freight
  • SEO, Content