Arthveda Fund Management

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Arthveda Fund Management

When Arthveda asked us to launch its first 300 Cr. Real Estate Fund, we were blown away. In fact, we ended up asking ourselves: what can we do to promote private equity which does not have marketing rights and is 100% governed by SEBI regulations. This was a challenge and if we are even 20% successful, we have done it and that would be more impressive than letting it show how it was done?

The answer was tough to even think. but we thought to go with the flow. But first things first we designed their logo and started branding it for print collaterals, digital campaigns, pieces of literature and more.

Arthveda, buyer’s personas were private and not social category, so we stressed on SEO and Content as a priority and leveraged it with Digital PR to make it more authoritative and authentic. Arthveda reached its presence to the audience we speculated and our ideas worked. We further decided to nurture it with email automation and periodic webinars.

Out of Rs. 300 Cr. revenue generated, Arthveda achieved 20%+ target through digital marketing with collection and acquisition of Rs. 80 Cr.

Being associated with Arthveda and having PE group onboard with Enroute digital has not only added value to what we do, but also added tremendous experience in handling focussed B2B audience.

  • October 25, 2018
  • Arthveda Fund Management
  • Branding, Digital Marketing