Teryair Equipment

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Teryair Equipment

A new brand for domestic, expanding the brand for an already iconic marine market.

Our challenge was to build a brand for the domestic market, as Teryair, a new industrial penetration through the Internet of Things, that could succeed on its own merits … but also provide much-needed digital equity for Teryair evolution as a brand and a business.

Our answer? To create Teryair with all the confidence and vision of a Teryair’s 18+ years of innovation, without putting the efforts that they already rolled out for the marine international market.

For us, it was hitting the papers right from scratch, so keeping the foundation as strong as possible, we revamped the entire website following the criteria of efficient usability, great design, SEO-friendly and that follows the entire formula of CCR for lead generation. Further to that, we enhanced visibility through SEO & PPC Ad campaigns so that we do not waste time on PR but focussed completely on lead generation.

Ever since we took charge of digital marketing, in 2017, Teryair has remarkably 310+ customers onboard, having an average yearly sales of Rs. 85 lacs. The number seems to be little smaller but they are higher with customer lifetime value (CLV*).

Apart from lead generation, we overhauled the entire branding, content marketing & social media with case studies, whitepapers, blog. We also managed outdoor events by roping in professionals on contracts.

  • October 23, 2018
  • Teryair Equipment
  • Branding, Digital Marketing & Outdoors